fast 2 towncenter in arhaic for atlantean

Guide for Gaia and the other two atlantean gods, kronos and oranos. The 2 towncenter arhaic build order is very good vs Egypt and in teamgames. In this video I’ll be showing you how to counter priest siege. You can also use this 2 towncenter arhaic build order to open up differently for example 2 barracks and 2 counter barracks, or 2 counter barracks for full turma. The normal time to be in classic is 5:40.


Build Order

This build order is for land maps, preferbly high hunt maps.

Arhaic Age
  • Build economic guild + research hunting dogs.
  • Send 2 citizens to hunt
  • use gaia forest next to towncenter(if gaia)
  • next citizen to wood
  • next 3 citizens go to gold
  • build manor with gold or food citizen
  • send 1 food citizen to wood once you have 200+ food
  • next citizen goes to wood
  • take towncenter
  • send all citizens to food now, only leave 1 on wood and 1 on gold
  • build temple when you can
  • (Gaia can get greedy economy upgrades inbetween doing all of this.)
  • Advance classic to your prefered god.

Classic Age
  • Go heroic for mass contarious(watch the video to see how to do it.)
  • Or open up 2 barracks 2 counter barracks
  • or open up 3 counter barracks
  • or open up automaton + counter barracks + barracks.

  • Reduce walking time of citizens by switching a food citizen to wood and by sending the wood citizen to food. Whatever is closest!

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