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If you’re looking to improve your Age of Mythology gameplay and dominate your opponents,
mastering build orders is key. Our expert guides offer step-by-step instructions on how to execute the most effective build orders, helping you maximize your resources and gain an early advantage in the game.

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Whether you’re looking to master the infamous Athena Rush or become a true Mediterranean monster, we got you covered with the latest and cleanest build orders out there.


Learn how to do sphinx raiding or a fast 2 tc rain on ra. Egypt in the hands of someone with good build orders will make many people alt+f4 and write angry forum posts on the internet!


Become a hersir raider with the hall of thanes loki build order, or unleash ragnarok on your opponents with odin and thor! Norse is a civilization that will test your creativity.


Learn how to do the most advanced atlantean build orders available. There is more to atlantean build orders than the average player might think.
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