gaia water build order

In this guide you will learn how to do a 6 citizen 3:55 up to classic. With the extra gather rate from gaia trees you can pump out 4 fishing boats and a manor afterwards!


Build Order

This build order is for land maps, preferbly high hunt maps.

Arhaic Age
  • Build dock and put gaia trees next to it
  • Dock villager cuts gaia trees
  • Send new citizen to hunt auroch/boar
  • Send one pig to dock villager for later
  • autoqueu fishing ships until 4 fishing ships. 4th should be at 99%
  • next citizen goes to straggler tree next to towncenter.
  • At 95% of the next citizen being done, drop off fishing ships to the dock.
  • Scout for pigs with oracles
  • Build house with straggler tree citizen as soon as you can
  • after that the house citizen goes to food
  • Drop off fishing ships again when citizen is at 95%
  • all new citizens now go to food until you have 6 citizens total.
  • Queu up the last 2 in a row.
  • This way when I have 100 wood I know i can make a temple without not having enough wood for citizen.
  • Once your last citizen is training, have the gaia forest citizen also gather food from the pig that you send earlier to your dock.
  • Manually drop off fishing ships again for 400 food. Advance through Oceanus.
  • Now send 2 citizens to gold and 4 to wood. Make sure they are all cutting from the gaia forest
  • Make another dock
  • Make a few more fishing ships
  • Make a manor

Classic Age
  • Autoqueu biremes from both docks and start raiding your opponents fishing ships
  • Send 1 more citizen to wood in classic and then 1 to gold then two to wood and another one to gold. Adjust based on what you need in a real game.

  • Reducing walking time is key here, make sure there is no walking distance between your gaia forest and citizens.
  • Scout pigs with oracles early by shift clicking around the black areas near your towncenter
  • Always keep an eye on citizen production, drop off food manually with fishing ships to keep citizen production going without delays.

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