zeus and hades athena rush

With this new fast up timing it becomes easier to deal with atlantean 4:30s. You can drop a barracks and an archery range + make your first 2 heroes(jason/oddyseus or ajax/chiron) right away when you reach the classical age at 4:02 Build order works for both zeus and hades.


Build Order

This build order is for land maps, preferbly high hunt maps.

Arhaic Age
  • send 2 villagers to hunt + hunting dogs
  • 1 villager to gold
  • 1 villager to wood
  • villager to food
  • villager to wood
  • scout for second hunt
  • all new villagers go to food now
  • send new food villagers to second hunt spot
  • at 14 population, have a new villager build the house then move to food as well
  • start sending new food vills to pigs next to your towncenter, send a few pigs to granary just in case the hunt runs out.
  • Build temple with gold villager once you have 100 gold 100 wood
  • manually drop off food from all your food villagers to get 400 food to advance to classic
  • Economy when advancing: 6 food, 8 wood, 2 gold.

Classic Age
  • Train jason + oddyseus or ajax + chiron.
  • Build archery range + barracks
  • Switch 2 vills from wood to gold & send new vills to gold until 6 gold total.
  • Balance your economy according to what you need. Try to keep it even for the best result.

  • This is a hard build order to do. Recommended for experienced players!
  • Dropping off food, gold and wood manually in arhaic will increase your chances of hitting the perfect 4:02.
  • Don’t forget houses, it will slow down your rush.
  • Send your initial 2 heroes to the enemy hunt to stop your enemy from gathering food.

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