With this fast 3 TC strategy, you’ll be unleashing the full naval might of Ra, controlling the Mediterranean, and crushing your opponents in no time. Our expert guide will walk you through every step, from resource management to unit production, so you can master this strategy and dominate the waters.


Build Order

This build order is for water maps such as medit, anatolia, midgard etc.

Arhaic Age
  • 1 vill + pharaoh build dock
  • 1 villager build granary with priest near hunt. (boar/auroch.)
  • Have TC help shoot animals down.
  • 2 new villagers to hunt
  • dock villager builds lumbercamp with pharaoh
  • 3 new villagers to wood.
  • Drop off food manually from fishing ships and hunt to keep villager production going
  • 1 more to food
  • build first house with wood villager once 50 food acquired for fishing ship
  • 3 to gold
  • When 100 gold > build temple with gold villager
  • Switch pharaoh to granary, and priest to lumbercamp
  • Build house with wood villager
  • Rest of new villagers go to food.
  • Drop off food manually from fishing ships and villagers to get classic asap. Aim to click around 3:30
  • Advance to classic through Ptah
  • Switch all hunt villagers to wood + gold.
  • Macro: 9 fishing ships~
    0 food villagers
    10 wood villagers + pharaoh empowering lumbercamp
    rest to gold + priest empowering mining camp
  • Build monument

Classic Age
  • While advancing build 2 more docks.
  • Autoque kebenits(archer ships) from both docks at the start, and later on add queu kebenits from 3rd dock as well.
  • New villagers go to gold.
  • When 400 gold > build 1st towncenter
  • When 400 gold again > build 2nd towncenter
  • Research shaduf
  • Place farms around all 3 towncenters
  • Use raingodpower
  • Go heroic

  • Cancel kebenits in production when you have an advantage or want to take a towncenter.
  • You want to cancel kebenits production momentarily around 6:30 and 7:30 to build towncenters, just make sure you keep preasure on sea. Having fish in this period is important for transition to farms.
  • If you won water, dont spend gold on farms. Just use the hunt/berries and make more fishing ships + research fishing ship upgrade.

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